Hey there, I'm Mallory.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Let me start by giving you a lil' intro about who I am (besides being a photographer). I'm a stay at home Mom to two little boys, married to my awesome husband Monte, and we have two long haired miniature dacshunds named Finn + Lewis. Ever since I can remember, being creative was what I loved. I was always painting, drawing, sewing, baking or playing a musical instrument. I went to college for Visual Arts and also for Residential Decorating and even though I loved both, I just never quite knew where that would lead me. Enter- PHOTOGRAPHY. I fell in love with it. When I had my babies I wanted to take great photos of them to document their childhood, like my mom did for me. I bought myself a nice little camera, did a lot of reading and learning and knew I'd found something that truly INSPIRED me. It started with an engagement session for a close friend and the rest is history!